Science, and the Existence of God

Sorry for taking a break from the Saint’s of the Week for the last two weeks. Being on vacation has thrown off my schedule a bit. Hope to be back up to speed next week. But, I didn’t want to leave you hanging without something to consider today.

I read this article this morning from the Eclectic Orthodoxy blog. It is one of my favorites for providing perspective from our friends in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. The article this morning briefly examines some recent discussion around the relationship between God and science. Specifically, is there a way to prove or disprove God through our exploration and the workings of science. The blog’s author, Fr. Aidan Kimel, provides the following thought:

If science could prove or disprove “God,” “God” wouldn’t be the transcendent Creator who has made the cosmos from out of nothing: he/she/it would be a demiurge. The God of Christian faith is neither a deity nor a Deity-of-the-gaps. He cannot be investigated alongside all other forces and entities in the universe. Nor can we point to a feature of the universe and say, “Aha! this demonstrates that the universe needed a divine creator to get it started.” The divine act of creation does not make the universe different from what it would otherwise be; it makes it be.

via Amir Aczel, Science, and the Existence of God | Eclectic Orthodoxy.

What do you think? Can science, or other methods, prove or disprove God? Is there anything to be gained by trying to “prove” God existence or his creative work?

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments.


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