Creating a Child, Creating a Father – Part 3

Hanging with daddy, enjoying a corn dog.

Hanging with daddy, enjoying a corn dog.

The last few weeks I’ve been making my way through a little series where I’ve been looking back at my points from this message I gave last year on Father’s Day. In the message I took the opportunity to set out on paper and in public my goals and ideals for being a father. Since I’ve successfully made it over one year as a father I thought it might be good to go back and see how my goals have held up. Two weeks ago I looked back at first point of my message which was about speaking words as God spoke in creation. Last week I reviewed the importance of seeing who God created her to be as God saw his creation as “good”.

Today brings me to the third and final point of the message. The last point turns the focus on me and the calling I now have on my life to be a father. Every day brings a new opportunity that I can learn to be the father God has called me to be. As much as I need to encourage the growth and maturity of my daughter, I will be growing and maturing in ways I never imagined. Each day as a father brings a choice to live into that calling or to turn my back on it.  In order to try and make this post a little more balanced, I thought it might be good to bring a new voice into the blog. I asked my wife, Kourtney, to chime in on this point as she has been the one actually watching me make choices and attempting to live into this new calling. I know what I want to do and become, but she’s the one who is actually watching me succeed or fail in my attempts. So, here is what Kourtney wanted to share with you all about me living into my new calling as a father.

So, this is Kourtney, the female side of this relationship. Instead of my normal role of proofing Greg’s posts, I was asked by Greg to share a little about how becoming a daddy has changed him. It has been the most amazing thing to watch Greg transition from being fearful about the idea of being responsible for another human being to going all in with changing diapers, swaddling and taking her down the slide for the first time.

Greg has always had a servant’s heart but I saw that in a whole new light when we brought our baby girl home. He was so attentive to my needs and willing to do whatever was needed for the baby. I witnessed that fear he had just melt away when she was placed in his arms. The father in him was always there, it just had yet to be unveiled. The humility of realizing there are so many things that we don’t know about being parents definitely challenged our patience and need for communication. A significant lack of sleep did not help much either. However, I never heard him say “that’s not my job”. When God calls you into the role of becoming a parent it demands all of you. Not only was Greg meant to be our daughter’s daddy but he was meant to be my partner in raising our child. Often when our daughter is having a meltdown or waking up in the middle of the night we are able to tag team and be what the other person can’t in that moment due to frustration or fatigue. I am thankful for him that I am not doing this alone. He makes me a better mother.

Greg has never been too concerned with image and though he has yet to put on a costume or play dress up, I have seen Greg put his own pride aside. Listening to Greg read and sing to her melts my heart. Often Greg will take her to Chick-Fil-A and the park and I know they will always have a special relationship. Currently our daughter has a preference for her daddy. She constantly walks past me over to Greg saying “up”. Also, when Greg gets home from work and walks in the door she lets out a squeal and runs to the door. Her little actions demonstrate to me that Greg has given her the love and confidence to feel safe with him.

I thank God and our daughter for giving us the opportunity to see this part of Greg that was hiding inside of him. Even if he didn’t know it was there, I did, and am thankful that God gave him this calling on his life.

I am also very thankful for this calling on my life. I have learned to see life in a whole new way as a father and can’t wait for what will come next. Thanks to my wife, Kourtney, for taking the time to share her thoughts. I hope you found her voice insightful in this discussion. I realized how much I need her to bring some perspective and am thankful she took the time to share that perspective with you all.


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