Check out “What If It Was My Daughter? #bringbackourgirls” by Zack Hunt

Zack Hunt over at his blog The American Jesus took a similar line to my blog post yesterday in response to the abduction of the Nigerian girls. His post is definitely worth reading.  Here is a line I really resonated with:

And when it comes to Nigeria in particular, we need to remember that as people made in the image of God, those little girls who have been kidnapped aren’t just the children of strangers on the other side of the world. They’re family.

Which means they’re our girls too.

We can’t stay silent while they suffer.
via What If It Was My Daughter? #bringbackourgirls.

I noticed last night that the story was finally beginning to get picked up and was the lead story on a few national news programs. I am glad to know that more people can finally hear and see what is going on. I am also encouraged that social media was used as an important rallying point to raise attention to this story.

There is real power for change in social media, not just a place for looking at pictures of cats, finding recipes and decorating tips.


Please share your thoughts.

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