Saint of the Week – Lin Zhao Agatha

This weeks saint is Agatha Lin (or Lin Zhao Agatha).

For this weeks saint we’re going to a side of our Christian family that I don’t think we hear about often.  The Church in China has always met with a lot of resistance and suspicion, even to this day.  So, I think it’s good to get a glimpse at to the work of some of our often forgotten Christian brothers and sisters.

Today I wanted to focus on Saint Agatha Lin who is remembered by Christians around the world on January 28th.

Agatha was born into a Catholic family in 1817.  She was very familiar with the difficulty of being a Christian in China as her father was twice arrested and tortured for being a Christian.  She would eventually become a school teacher but was also imprisoned for her faith in 1857.  Not only was she asked to renounce her Christianity but she was also mocked for her virginity.  When she refused to give up her faith and also voiced support for other imprisoned Christians, she was beheaded on January 28, 1858.

I pray that Agatha Lin would inspire us to remember the history of Christians all over the world.  I pray that we would remember the work of the everyday believers, especially the women in our lives.  I pray that Agatha Lin’s sacrifice would inspire us to greater faith and to stand up for our voiceless and imprisoned brothers and sisters.

More Information:
Martyrs of China – PDF
Catholic Online – Saint Agatha Lin


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